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I love my life.
Everythings great. Really great.

I've been having the best days lately. Me and Ryan are so perfect I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I honestly don't want anyone else. <3

My mom finally got me into see a psychiatrist and I do have ADD. Lol. But i'm getting on medicine and hopefully i'll be able to get straight A's all the rest of highschool so I can get into a good college. Karlis birthday is tuesday and im taking her out to dinner than getting all the girls to come and surprise her. And then me and Kayla are gonna wake up early on tues and go to her house and decorate her car. (o: It's gonna be cute. But ya everything has been really good. Other than my mom needing to get a second job... it scares me. And I feel so bad about bitching at her about cheerleading but it hurts me so much that I can't do it. I never in my life have not done cheerleading. It's all I do. It's my life. I don't know what im gonna do with myself... I think about it all day every day and I cry all the time because I can't do what I do best... And I can't afford it on my own. It really sucks... :/ especially since we're having level 4 this year and I can't even be a part of that... and next year I wont be good enough because I can't practice my skills... I need to get into tumbling..

But im not gonna put a downer on a good mood. Tommorow's friday. I have off tonight. Im gonna go to ryans after school and then take him to work. Should be a good rest of the day. Get to relax and nap all night.
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I hate school
I like driving to school
I hate work
I love my boyfriend
I love my friends
I want the long labor day weekend
I wanna go to the beach
I can't wait for my car to get fixed (today)
I wanna party
I need my mom to make the damn appointment
I want to see my boyfriend

I want I want I want & I hate I hate I hate...

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Wow everything is so different since the last time i've updated...
Me and Ryan still go out; almost 5 months!.. I really cannot imagine loving anyone more than him. I told myself i'd never fall for another guy again after John but me and Ryan are so alike in so many ways and he is just as goofy as I am.. he really is everything I could ever ask for and I just love him to death!

Summer was amazing.. started driving alone.. partied my ass off..  beached it up..spent almost everyday with ryan: would go to his house in the morning (bring him breakfast sometimes) and we'd watch movies and wrestle and do cute shit all day.. hes so fun to be around and he's like my other half.. I never want to loose him ever im crazy about him.

Now im back in school again... obviously im never on here unless im in school.. haha. but ya its my 3rd day and it is pretty wack. Miss summer already :/ Cant cheer this year because mom & dad dont have the money... it kills me. Cheering is my life. And it eats me up inside to not be able to do what I do best and that it's completely out of my control. Work sucks! Hate happy harrys!
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I have been far too lazy lately...

it's time to get back on track.

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Taken again! He's perfect; i'm so happy. Everythings great!!!

Spent soooo much money this weekend on I don't even know what! lol. Had a girls night with Kelli & Chelsea on friday. Then beach w/ Karli saturday. I only have $100 in my bank right now but I really wanna get my hair done! I know I need to start saving my money.. so i'll just get my hair done this week and then just save all my paychecks after this... I suck at saving money it's a serious problem! lol but I really need to start saving for a car...

I got a 4.0 this marking period; straight A's! It helps me. This marking period has not been as easy nor fun. I should talk to her about it, but what will she say? will she be mad? :/ I don't want to be a dissappointment or her get the wrong idea...

I am SOOOO over school. It needs to be summer already. I have the rest of may and a couple days and June and i'm OUT! Can't wait till July 13th so I can drive by myself! It is so annoying needing rides everywhere and then my mom getting all pissy when she hasta take me places.. asfdfghjhgfl!!!
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So much has changed

Me and John no longer go out. What a waste of 6 months of my life. He apperantly doesn't have time for me anymore because of work, school, and night school, yet rumor has it that he's talking to Casey... I was really upset for a day, then the next day I hungout with Ryan and he made it all better. We hungout everyday for the past week. I really like him! He's so cute! But im not really trying to get into anything serious. I just wanna be single, party, and have fun!

Cheerleading seasons almost over. We took Lacey out of my stunt group and put Stephanie in and now it is so SOLID! I love it.  I am excited for the season to end but i'm gonna miss it. I'll only be out for a month or two and will hopefully be taking some conditioning classes and really focusing on my tumbling because we're having level 4 next year. I need to get my standing tuck! I've accomplished a lot this year, not as much as I had hoped, but a lot. I am excited for a better season next year with more dedicated and skilled people.

Haven't been working too much because of cheerleading... they've only be giving me like 2 days a week which is beat, but hopefully they'll start schedualing more because I need to start saving up for a car!!! Drive by myself in 4 months!!! I only got like $100 in my bank account, and i'm using that to color my hair back blonde!!! I'm excited but I am a little nervous; I don't want it to kill it!!! And I really like my hair dark. Oh well, i'll just go with it. You only live once.

Schools good! I have straight A's other than in my shop class. But I re-did a project so hopefully that will boost my grade up to an A. I would be so happy! I've never had straight A's in my whole life!!! I am so excited for spring break; i'm going to Virginia!!! I'll be going for the weekend for Nationals, come home for a week, then leave again from the 13-17 for spring break. So stoked! (o:

I love my life.
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Everythings going good... sick at the moment though... :o(

Work is goood, I only worked two days so far but I work again friday and hopefully will get 4 days in next week. I'm really nervous for states this weekend because 2 people are off the team and one is injured :x . And on top of that I think I have the flu so performing this weekend is gonna kick my ass... but we'll see.

Me and John have been going out for 5 months as of yesterday! <33 longest relationshippp! Haha when I say 5 months it seems like such a long time, but it feels like we've been going out for longer than that.

Had Monday & Tuesday off for snow days!
But other than thatttt.... pretty much same shit different day.

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I got a job!!!
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Can't summer just get here already!
I am determined to get a 3.0 this semester! I'm trying really hard, with a little help. So far so good, got 90 somethings in every class!
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cheering cheering cheering...


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